Introducing the EB1

Well, the EB1 has actually been around a while. It’s the brain child of Tully from Samurai Circuits. A few years back he tried to convince me to work on an inexpensive Arduino compatible platform that could be used for teaching electronics and programming, but without needing a lot of extra pieces (like a breadboard, power supply, USB cables, etc.).

EB1 Arduino Compatible Micro

EB1 Arduino Compatible Micro

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iModela PCB Milling

This post documents my journey into PCB milling.  Although all the pointers are buried here, I will post a summary of links and resources in the near future.



I was one of the many booth stalkers checking out the Othermill at 2013 World Maker Faire and was really intrigued by the possibility of creating PCBs without chemicals.  Sure, I’ve done my fair share of toner transfer PCB etching, but it was always somewhat of a hassle, and ferric chloride isn’t the friendliest of chemicals.  Unfortunately, I was too late to purchase an Othermill via their Kickstarter, and they weren’t taking any post-Kickstarter orders yet.  So I waited… Continue reading