Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016


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Here’s a somewhat long slideshow of photos from Maker Faire Shenzhen.  I decided to skip World Maker Faire (NY) this year and instead go back to China.  The trip was really short, fly 16+ hours, arrive Thursday night, attend Maker Faire Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then fly home 16+ hours on Monday.  Typhoon Haima didn’t really think that was a good plan, and decided to hit the Shenzhen area mid-day Friday.  The organizers of Maker Faire postponed the whole event to Sunday and Monday, and scrambled to take down all the outdoor structures Friday morning.  Fortunately, the typhoon wasn’t a direct hit, and while it was very windy and rainy, the area was spared a major impact.  Faire organizers reassembled the event during Saturday, and opened up on Sunday.  As for my visit, well, I’m glad I had at least one day at the Faire!  The bright side to the whole trip was that I spent quality time with some really great maker/hacker people in Shenzhen.

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