2020 Bot at Bay Area Maker Faire 2017

I will be giving build demos of the 2020 Bot at Maker Faire!



At least once an hour, I’ll pick a volunteer from the attendees to build a 2020 Bot.  The lucky volunteer will get to keep the robot after they build it!  The catch is, they need to hang out at my booth for the 20 minutes it takes to build the robot…


2020 Bot Parts from China

Parts from China

Workbench full of 2020 Bot Parts

This week I received a box full of possible 2020 Bot parts direct from China.  For this order, my goals were to evaluate supplier quality and get an idea on shipping volumes, weights, and costs.  I’m seriously considering whether or not it makes sense to offer 2020 Bot kits, or just provide instructions and let everyone fend for themselves when it comes to buying parts.  I’ll provide the instructions either way!

Kits would help increase the chance of someone being successful in building a 2020 Bot since part selection and quality could be controlled.  Plus, it does help keep the $20 goal in sight since a) I can purchase items at bulk prices, and b) I can break out “just enough” parts for a single kit where otherwise they may only be available in bulk.  Part costs are definitely better when purchasing direct.  Shipping costs on the other hand, can quickly offset the difference.  Once I nail down a few things, I’ll be working with my suppliers to determine optimal shipping methods.

Over the next week I’ll be creating rough instructional videos on how to build the 2020 Bot.  They’ll be rough, but functional…  Stay Tuned!

Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016


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Here’s a somewhat long slideshow of photos from Maker Faire Shenzhen.  I decided to skip World Maker Faire (NY) this year and instead go back to China.  The trip was really short, fly 16+ hours, arrive Thursday night, attend Maker Faire Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then fly home 16+ hours on Monday.  Typhoon Haima didn’t really think that was a good plan, and decided to hit the Shenzhen area mid-day Friday.  The organizers of Maker Faire postponed the whole event to Sunday and Monday, and scrambled to take down all the outdoor structures Friday morning.  Fortunately, the typhoon wasn’t a direct hit, and while it was very windy and rainy, the area was spared a major impact.  Faire organizers reassembled the event during Saturday, and opened up on Sunday.  As for my visit, well, I’m glad I had at least one day at the Faire!  The bright side to the whole trip was that I spent quality time with some really great maker/hacker people in Shenzhen.