Intel Euclid Presentation

Euclid Presentation

Euclid presentation for the Nashua Robot Builders.

Sorry, this is definitely one of those “you had to be there” type presentations…  The feature list slides might be the only decipherable section.


2 thoughts on “Intel Euclid Presentation

  1. Chimo says:

    Hi Robojay,
    I received last month an Euclid at germany and I must say:

    tooooooooo early – and I’m much more happy with my old NUC and RealSense camera.

    Euclid SDK contains nothing more for ROS.
    No audio (in/out) and no support or documentation for internal sensors 🙁

    All hot breath from marketing.
    Whats your experience with Intel Euclid ?

    Thanks for a short response


    • RoboJay says:

      Hi Chimo,
      Sorry for such a late reply!
      I’ve given up on trying to use the Euclid alone for mapping and navigation on my robot. The visual slam options out there are just not quite robust enough, or the Euclid isn’t quite good enough, or more likely, a little bit of both.
      It is a pretty nice compute engine, and I am doing some other vision processing tasks using the depth camera. So all is not lost!
      If you haven’t already, check out the forums at There are ways to access most of the internal sensors – just no ROS drivers for them yet.

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