Programming the 2020 Bot

Once you’ve built your 2020 Bot and played around with it a bit, the next step is writing your own programs.  The 2020 Bot uses an Arduino Nano micro controller.  A simple web search will turn up plenty of references.  Here’s a good link to get you started:

Official Nano Getting Started guide from Arduino:

I recommend downloading the latest version of the Arduino IDE for your computer, and then following the Getting Started guide using the “Blink” example.

Depending on the type of Nano you have, you may need software drivers that let your computer communicate with the Nano.  For the CH340G versions, see my post here:

If you have a kit that I supplied, you definitely have a Nano with the CH340G.

Once you’re able to blink the LED, try modifying the delays in the blink code to make the LED blink faster or slower (hint:  look for the delay 1000 in the code).

The 2020 Bot has an Arduino library (pre-written software) to help with some of the basic functions.  You can download the library from here:

Click on the “Clone or Download” button and select “Download ZIP”.  Keep track of where this ZIP file is placed on your computer.  From inside the Arduino IDE, you need to add the library by selecting Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP Library…

Here’s the official Arduino instructions for adding a library:

Scroll down to the section titled “Importing a .zip Library”

(Note: Eventually, the 2020 Bot library will be available through the built in Library Manager.  I’ll edit this post when that happens.)

With the _2020Bot_Library installed, you can now open up the example programs included with the library.  For example, you can load the Demo program by selecting Files->Examples->_2020Bot_Library->_2020Bot_Demo

I realize the Demo code is a bit complex for beginners to understand.  Don’t worry!  Simpler examples are on the way.

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