Yard Bot

What do you do with some scooter chair motors, big casters, and a sheet of MDF?  Make a radio controlled Yard Bot of course!

I’ve had the various pieces for this project kicking around for a while. Finally took the time to put them all together. ┬áJust something to play around with…

Mobility scooter motors
Custom machined hubs for drive wheels
10″ heavy duty caster wheels
Dimension Engineering 2x25A motor driver
Spektrum R/C receiver
2x12V lead acid batteries
Contactor + safety switch (wired as an e-stop)
2′ x 2′ MDF chassis (will probably fall apart – but good enough to test with for now – only $5.95 at Home Depot)

Electronics and batteries are all in the battery box. Motors have disconnect connectors so entire battery box is easily removed. Makes the platform easier to carry (still heavy though!).

The wheels are slipping in the snow, and I eventually blew the battery fuse trying to get unstuck. I went really conservative on the fuse with a 15A fast blow. Time to upgrade to a breaker or at least a slow blow 20A fuse. The motor driver can handle 25A continuous.

In the grass performance was fine.

One thought on “Yard Bot

  1. Russ says:

    What RF receiver is that? It must be robust to handle those motors.

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